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The aid organization "Hand in Hand" is an international humanitarian organization and supports people in need, helps sick and needy children in India (Odisha) and gives them education and a home.

I support the aid project with artistic activities.


My current artistic contribution:
10% of my products

The picture "Annapurna", goddess and generous food giver, from Hindu mythology, serves as a motif for (m) a postcard.
The postcard is given generously, just as Annapurna generously donates food. The back of the card contains a subtle appeal for donations.
It can be obtained from me free of charge in return for a stamped envelope, as long as stocks last.
Enjoy the gift of the card and / or donate 2 euros and guarantee a hungry child in India a nutritious meal for 2 days. Donation deductibility!
A warm invitation to take part!
"One drop makes the difference!"

Screenshot IJ2020-10-06 113048.jpg

Heading 1

Image motif No. 1, postcard "Annapurna", DINA 6


This card is also available for a donation

Hand in hand as a folding card , DINA 6, printed on

FSC natural paper available. More information about the

Aid project at

Hand in Hand Foundation Germany
Social Economy Bank
IBAN: DE37 7002 0500 3750 9300 93
Donation deductibility also in Germany!


Unterstützung einer Internatsschule für notleidende Kinder in Indien
Mehr über die Internatsschule Balashram

Unterstützen Sie dieses hilfreiche Schul-Projekt "Balashram"

Dieses weiche Bio-T-Shirt ist bestellbar mit einem von mir entworfenen Bild mit der Aufschrift:
"Cultivate love for a happy, joyful and healthy life",
Erhältlich in S, L, M als Damen-oder Herren-T-Shirt.
Wählbar Aufdruck vorne oder hinten.

(25 € Produktionskosten + Versand 4,90 + Spende nach eigenem Ermessen.
Bitte hier bestellen :
Herzlichen Dank!

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